Amazon’s AWS Console Update

Amazon’s Cloud computing management console now includes complete support for Amazon DNS service, Route 53. Route 53 is a highly available and scalable Domain Name System (DNS) web service. The DNS service allows you to create your hosted zones and set up the appropriate records in a similar manner that you may be accustomed with traditional DNS service providers.

To register a domain and set it up from Amazon AWS Console you need to buy a domain name from a registrar, create a hosted zone, update the NS (Name Server) records at the registrar, set up hosting and create an A record or other records as required.

Amazon has provided a How To procedure that will help you set up Weighted Round Robin (WRR) DNS. To implement WRR with Route 53, you will need multiple servers (and the corresponding IP addresses). WRR allows you to send a certain proportion of your inbound traffic to a test server for A/B testing. Route 53 also supports Weighted Round Robin (WRR) record sets.

To see how to set up Weighted Round Robin (WRR) DNS go here:

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