Quest vRanger

The Quest® vRanger product family speeds VMware backup and replication while dramatically reducing storage requirements.

Backup & Recovery

  • One centralized installation provides ESX(i) backup across your entire vSphere environment
  • Native cataloging efficiently indexes file metadata for easy search and one-step recovery
  • Active Block Mapping reads only active blocks from the image, minimizing backup windows and storage needs
  • Distributed processing ensures you avoid impact on host operations by sending VM data through a single, central server
  • Backup jobs can automatically refresh to stay current with new VMs as they are added in the environment

Disaster Recovery

  • Quick, cost-effective recovery can be done on site or at remote sites
  • Easy backup of ESX(i) systems to local repositories and replication ESX systems enables off-site recovery
  • Flexibility to combine backup and replication jobs ensures you can meet SLAs for recovery time and point objectives

Physical Protection

  • Combination of vRanger and vConverter protects physical systems
  • Back up or replication of the virtual images of your physical systems provide cost-effective, bare metal recovery

Application Support

  • Image-level backups are compatible also with object-level and application-specific recovery; for example, you can use Quest’s Recovery Manager for Exchange with your vRanger backups for agentless, recovery of email and other Exchange objects
  • Native VSS implementation ensures that applications are properly backed up and ready to restore

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